Straatman Koster’s government practice covers all matters of administrative law and civil law that public authorities encounter.

  • Contracting by, and with, the government in area development projects;
  • procurement law and state aid law;
  • administrative law and environmental law; and
  • government and general liability law.

Our clients:

  • municipalities;
  • provincial governments;
  • joint schemes between public bodies;
  • district water boards; and
  • various semipublic organizations.

We are aware of the sensitive administrative areas for public authorities and are experienced at handling politically delicate files.

Government Information (Public Access) Act, subsidy

As well as real estate projects, our attorneys-at-law are also engaged on a variety of other matters. We also advise and litigate for the government in civil law and administrative law proceedings outside the field of real estate, such as the procurement of services or products, advising on subsidy issues, and procedures under the Government Information (Public Access) Act.

You will find information about some of our past projects for public authorities and semipublic organizations here.