Construction and real estate

Without legal assistance the development and construction of property and area development projects would be inconceivable. Ensuring that projects go ahead in the current market also demands constant flexibility and resourcefulness.

From the outset in the planning and tendering stages through to completion, and if necessary beyond, we work with our clients to produce solutions and make projects feasible. Our advice is based on our extensive knowledge of the market and the real estate field.

We are specialized in all legal aspects of the following fields including:

  • project development;
  • sale, cooperation and implementation agreements;
  • land allocation and recovery of costs;
  • spatial planning law;
  • acquisition of land;
  • the Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act (Wvg) and compulsory purchase;
  • contracting;
  • procurement law;
  • state aid law;
  • aspects of corporate law related to real estate (including CV/BV structures, and limited partnership (VOF) contracts).

Our work in the above specialist fields involves the drafting and assessment of contracts, the negotiation and renegotiation of contracts and related legal advice, as well as the termination of contracts, supervision of the entire purchase and sale process (including due diligence), partnerships and collaboration structures.

We also possess ample knowledge of tax matters (including VAT and transfer tax) and are able to prepare the structure of tax-efficient transactions and communicate effectively with tax consultants. We have considerable experience in legal assistance and contracting in major area developments.

When the need arises we are also able to assist you in legal proceedings. We have extensive litigation experience before civil courts and the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry in the Netherlands, as well as at the administrative court.

Our experience includes liability disputes arising in the development or construction of real estate projects, the interpretation of contracts, disagreements about contract termination or the method of termination, abandoned negotiations, and the settlement of contract variations.

You will find a list of our reference projects here.