What we stand for

Thoroughness, speed, commitment and a no-nonsense attitude are our hallmarks. Our authoritative professional knowledge and familiarity with the real estate sector come from many years of experience. All Straatman Koster staff have prior experience in one of the major firms and they are highly specialized in their respective fields. Our unparalleled understanding of your industry comes from our daily involvement with all its aspects, which enables us to deliver the quality you need at competitive rates.

Fast and efficient
Our many years of experience mean we can provide support quickly and efficiently. You will always deal with the same contact person in our firm. Attorneys-at-law other than your point of contact will be engaged only as and when their particular expertise is required, and only after informing you.

Our style of operation means we can respond effectively to our clients’ needs, and change course rapidly if appropriate. Because you know that no inexperienced students or trainee lawyers will be involved on your project, you can be sure that all billed time has been used efficiently. And we will be able to answer your simple queries without having to consult the file every time.

We know what is on your mind
Ensuring that projects go ahead in the current market demands flexibility and resourcefulness. As a highly specialized law firm we are in a position to meet your needs. We will do our utmost to make your project a success. We represent your interests as if they were our own. We actively contribute ideas to move your project forward at every stage. We make complex matters comprehensible for you. Our interests go beyond the legal spectrum.