Environmental law

A variety of aspects of environmental law frequently arise in projects or disputes, and you will need consistent and coherent advice that covers all of these. We advise and litigate across the board in environmental law.

Spatial planning

Spatial planning issues include zoning plans, land development, compulsory purchase and environmental permits for building.

The environment

Our environmental practice advises on integrated environmental permits, the Activities Decree and environmental impact reporting, and we are involved in various environmental aspects such as:

  • noise;
  • air quality;
  • soil pollution;
  • soil remediation;
  • the Soil Protection Act (Wbb).

Natural assets and water

The Nature Conservation Act 1998 and the Flora and Fauna Act are at the centre of our nature-related services. The Water Act (Ww) is another of our areas of expertise. We support our clients in handling or preventing enforcement procedures. Finally we have substantial experience in environmental due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.